Why prefinish with Northwest Factory Finishes?

The question of why to use a prefinished siding product is a great question with many answers for everyone that comes in contact with it. We will start with the last but probably the most important person in the distribution chain that touches the siding, the homeowner!


While cost savings are probably the first to come to mind, and a very valid reason, there are many other benefits to our prefinished siding for a homeowner. Northwest Factory Finishes uses only the highest quality paints with over 50% solids made from factory ground pigments, not glycol based colorants. This results in a more durable finish with much better color retention than “off the shelf” brand paints, so your home will stay beautiful longer. Our siding is finished in a climate controlled environment. This means that every day of the year the siding can be finished exactly the same way with the same results. Field painting faces the unknowns which include inclement weather, varying temperatures, varying levels of humidity, or even wind. All these things make the job of a field painter very difficult, but also very unpredictable and less consistent. In our factory environment we store ALL products indoors before, during, and after they have been produced. Northwest Factory Finishes believes in not only cutting out the variables the weather may play to the finish on your siding, but also the variables that exist with siding products that have been stored outdoors and may have varying levels of moisture content and temperature before being finished. By keeping ALL products indoors and inspecting them prior to finish, we can ensure the most consistent and highest quality finish available for your home. Northwest Factory Finishes has over five finishing lines and curing ovens that are all top of the line and ensure that every square inch of every board for your home receives the same amount of coating. This is extremely important in providing you with superior guarantees over field finishing and lasting protection for your investment. Another benefit to the homeowner is instant curb appeal. Not only do you get to see the beauty of your home as the siding goes up, but typically prefinished siding is handled a little more carefully than primed siding and looks better immediately! This brings us to one of the most exciting benefits of Northwest Factory Finishes, and that is our ability to create unique and distinct two-toned products! Northwest Factory Finishes is an industry leader in our two-toned siding development. Two-toned products give your home that distinct and different look that separates your home from every other home on the block, and simply put cannot be done on-site.


There are many benefits to using prefinished siding by Northwest Factory Finishes for a contractor or installer. Many of these benefits are the same as the homeowner, but for different reasons. The benefit of finishing in a controlled environment can be taken a step further than the quality aspect to the fact of not delaying the project due to weather. The contractor has the benefit of only scheduling one subcontractor to install the siding instead of also scheduling a painter and possibly tying up the entire job with masking, scaffolding, etc. This is ultimately important to the timeliness of staying on schedule as well as being able to close the house on time without any “holdouts” from the bank due to not having the home painted until spring. The quality of paint we use enables the product to be installed without scuffs or mars to the finish making the product very user friendly. Our products also touch up very easily using a Q-tip and the appropriate factory supplied touch up paint. Our packaging is a benefit to the contractor. We package our products in four piece mini-bundles to provide protection to the finish as well as make jobsite handling between the unit and the cut area easier. We fully encase the entire unit of siding with wrap to protect the finished siding from the elements prior to installation. Every unit has a pallet to keep it off the ground and make it easier to lift and move about a jobsite without damage to the product. Northwest factory finishes works through distribution partners that inventory large amounts of finished siding in an array of both solid and two-toned colors making the builders job less stressful as far as planning and timing the finish of material. In-stock colors are readily available and take away the builders concern of either ordering too much or not enough material. Our quality practices ensure that our colors always match batch to batch eliminating the concern for color variation. We also finish all the accessories needed to make any job complete. The final benefit to the builder is also curb appeal! Using Northwest Factory Finishes prefinished siding adds an immediate impression of quality to not only the homeowner but also passerby that this builder cares about their work.

Lumber Yards

Lumber yards love to sell Northwest Factory Finishes siding. There are a few reasons lumber yards love to sell our product, not the least of which being extremely satisfied customers. Distributors’ stock our siding programs which include 14 to 34 colors in addition to trims and accessories in multiple colors. This means a lumber yard can order job lot quantities without stocking any material whatsoever. Material arrives to their yard ready to load on a delivery truck, resulting in very low to no overhead costs involved for pulling and building loads. Most distributors of Northwest Factory Finishes product accept returns of full mini bundles because of their confidence in the quality of the finish and the packaging of the product. This negates the fear of overages and shortages by a lumber reps estimate of product. An additional benefit is that in most cases, the product is delivered to the yard within a day or two of being ordered. This is extremely helpful in the fast paced building world where planning ahead means “tomorrow”!! Northwest Factory Finishes has a very strong reputation with lumber yards for exceptional customer service and quality both before and after the sale. We strive to have no callbacks, enabling lumber reps to focus on current and future sales. There are many lumber yards that proudly represent Northwest Factory Finishes siding on their buildings and in their showrooms both to beautify their building and display our exceptional two-toned products. Our Distributors also provide the lumber yards literature and sample material to assist in the sales process.